What is a Hilux Battery Tray?

Every device today needs a battery or charge of some sort to function and your car is no exception to this rule. While gas is the fuel, the power needed for your car to run comes from the car batteries.

These batteries are not the only component and they don’t stand alone In your car. Rather, they are connected with many parts to give a composite whole system that runs your car. One of the essential and often overlooked parts of this battery system is the Hilux battery tray.

Before we go into what a Hilux battery tray is, let’s take a brief look into how car batteries function.

How do car batteries work?

If you can open your car battery, it’s important to note that most batteries contain six cells and each cell has two plates or grids. Out of these two plates, one is made of lead and the other is made of lead oxide and each cell in your car produces about two volts of energy, thereby leading to about 12 volts in all.

Now, let’s take a detailed look at how these batteries work.

  • Both the plates, one made of lead and the other made of lead oxide, are dipped in sulphuric acid if you’re wondering why this specific acid, it triggers a chemical reaction between the different substances such as lead and lead oxide. The acid merely acts as a catalyst in triggering this reaction and has no other role in the chemical reaction.
  • This reaction will cause the plate made of lead oxide to release two substances, namely, ions and lead sulfate.
  • The ions from the lead oxide plate interact with the lead of the other plate to make hydrogen and lead sulfate again.
  • Eventually, these reactions produce an electron that in turn converts into electricity to power your car.

So, that’s how car batteries provide an electrical charge to your car. While we’re on this subject, it’s important to note that this process can be entirely reversed and this is how you can continue to charge your car battery and use it for a long time.

The sulphuric acid that triggers these interactions begin to leak outside the battery. Though this doesn’t happen at all times, it leaks from time to time. This acid is highly corrosive and can eat through metals quickly. When the acid from the battery falls on the parts located below the battery, those parts tend to wear off quickly and before you know, you’ll have to change that part.

The frequency with which you have to change the car parts can be mind-boggling and expensive and you’ll eventually abandon the idea of owning or driving a car! Well, that’s far-fetched considering the number of cars that run on our roads today.

What essentially happens is that the acid from the battery is stopped by the Hilux battery tray that houses the battery. This way, you’ll only have to change the Hilux battery tray once every few years which is not expensive by any standards.

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What is a Hilux Battery Tray?

A Hilux battery tray is a piece of metal that holds the battery down and keeps it in place with the help of screws and bolts. It houses the battery completely and ensures that your battery doesn’t rattle even when you drive through the worst roads. Also, it protects the battery from the damages that can come with frequent rattling. In all, it keeps your battery stable and holds it in a single position.

As mentioned earlier, a Hilux battery tray holds the battery and in the process, all the acid from it gets accumulated on the tray. All the rust and corrosion are limited to just the Hilux battery tray and it doesn’t reach any of the car parts, thereby limiting the damage greatly.

This Hilux battery tray is made of durable metals that tend to last for a long time, so you don’t have to replace them often. The signs of replacement will be evident when you drive as you’ll see pieces of rust falling off from the engine. When that happens, it is time to replace your Hilux battery tray.

The good news is researchers are experimenting with a ton of other materials and alloys that are most acid-resistant and corrosion-proof, so you may not have to replace your Hilux battery that often if this experiment becomes a success. For all you know, you may never have to do the replacement. But that’s something that only time can tell and it is a product of the future. For now, though, the Hilux battery tray in your car has to be replaced when it starts to become rusty.

This brings up an interesting question. Can you replace the Hilux battery tray by yourself or do you need professional help?

Can You Replace A Hilux battery tray?

The choice to replace the Hilux battery tray yourself or with the help of a professional depends to a large extent on how well you know the car mechanics, your experience, and the tools you have on hand. If you’re doing it for the first time or if you’re not too sure about doing it by yourself, simply take your car to a mechanic shop and get it fixed. That will make your life easy, even if you have to pay a little extra as the mechanic’s charges.

On the other hand, if you decide to do it yourself, be careful and pay attention to the battery tray. Never change your Hilux battery tray when the engine is hot or warm as the battery may also be hot and this could cause physical injuries to you. Use the right tools for removing the bolts and make sure you put them back safely after you replace the Hilux battery tray.

To conclude, a Hilux battery tray is an essential part of your car’s power system as it helps to prevent corrosion of your car’s parts and helps to keep the car battery in place.